Experience the Next-Level Laser Skin Rejuvenation.

Start fresh, stay youthful. MOXI™ Laser Treatment isn't just about reversing damage, it's about proactive skincare. At Fade Aesthetics and Wellness, we’re here to help you combat the early signs of aging before they appear, allowing your skin to maintain a healthy glow for years to come.

What Is MOXI Laser Treatment?

MOXI laser treatment is one of the latest laser treatments designed to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of your skin. Developed by Sciton, MOXI utilizes advanced laser technology to target the top layer of your skin and address various skin concerns.

MOXI treatment not only fights signs of aging but also leaves your skin looking brighter, smoother, and more radiant — with little downtime. It’s completely safe for all skin types, thanks to three different energy settings that can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. It’s a simple yet effective way to get personalized skincare for a naturally glowing and refreshed look.


Gentle Treatment. Powerful Results.

At Fade Aesthetics and Wellness, we’re proud to offer the advanced MOXI laser treatment in Grove City, Ohio because we want our patients to achieve their skin goals with a treatment that combines gentleness and delivers powerful, noticeable results. Here are the highlights of state-of-the-art laser treatment:

Swift Sessions

Transform your skin in no time with a brief 8-10 minute MOXI session (excluding numbing time).

Painless Process

A topical anesthetic is applied to the treatment area before the actual treatment to ensure your comfort.

Quick Recovery

Get back to your routine with only 1 day of downtime. Feel free to apply makeup just 24 hours after your MOXI treatment.

Perfectly Spaced Sessions

You can schedule your treatments conveniently, with sessions spaced 4-5 weeks apart for optimal results.

Noticeable Results

You can see the difference in 5-7 days – immediate and noticeable results, revealing a radiant new you.

Effortless Transformation

Achieve your skincare goals with only 3 to 4 treatment sessions, which are tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Is MOXI Laser Treatment Right for You?

MOXI is recommended for individuals who are just starting their skincare regimen or those who are looking to improve their existing skincare routine. It’s a powerful treatment that can improve a variety of skin concerns, such as:

If you’re experiencing any of these skin concern or simply want to elevate your skincare routine to a new level, MOXI laser treatment is the right choice for you.

Treat Yourself to the Glowing Skin You Deserve. Schedule a MOXI Laser Treatment in Grove City, OH Today!

Experience the next level of skin rejuvenation. At Fade Aesthetics and Wellness, we understand your skin is as unique as you are. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a tailored treatment to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. With our mJOULE™ device, you can experience unparalleled precision and control with its fractionated microthermal zones of non-ablative laser energy. This means quicker sessions, less discomfort, faster healing times, and results that are as individual as you are.

Benefits of MOXI Laser Treatment

MOXI, the latest non-ablative laser by Sciton, stands at the forefront of cutting-edge skincare technology. It offers a long list of benefits to enhance and rejuvenate your skin. Here’s why MOXI laser treatment is a game-changer in the world of advanced skincare:

Non-Ablative Comfort

You will experience the rejuvenating power of MOXI with the comfort you deserve. Our skilled professionals utilize the MOXI handpiece to deliver non-ablative laser energy, revitalizing your skin without the need for downtime.

Proactive Skin Care Expertise

MOXI was meticulously designed as a proactive skincare treatment, and we are here to guide you through its transformative potential. We’ll be able to address the initial signs of sun damage and aging skin with a treatment that focuses on prevention.

Treatment Combination

We go beyond the ordinary by offering the option to combine MOXI with other cutting-edge treatments, such as BBL HERO. This combination enhances the power of your skincare routine, delivering more powerful and visible results.

MOXI Laser Treatment FAQs

How does MOXI work?

MOXI utilizes non-ablative laser technology with a special laser at 1927 nm to target the top layer of the skin. This precise energy stimulates collagen production, addresses signs of aging, and improves skin texture and tone without the need for extensive downtime.

Can darker skin tones undergo MOXI?
What skin concerns does MOXI address?
Is MOXI safe for all skin types?
Is there downtime after MOXI Laser Treatment?

MOXI is known for minimal downtime. While individual experiences may vary, many patients can return to their regular activities shortly after the session. Some may also experience mild redness or swelling, which typically subsides within a short period. Make up can be applied the next day.

Can MOXI be combined with other treatments?

Yes, MOXI can be combined with other treatments for enhanced and synergistic results. We may recommend combining MOXI with treatments like BBL HERO to address specific skincare concerns comprehensively.

The number of MOXI sessions recommended varies based on individual skin concerns and goals. During the consultation, your provider will assess your skin and discuss a personalized treatment plan, including the recommended number of sessions.

When will I see the results from MOXI?

Results from MOXI Laser Treatment are often noticeable within a few weeks, as the stimulated collagen production continues to improve skin texture and tone. However, individual responses may vary, and your provider will provide realistic expectations during the consultation.

Is MOXI suitable for everyone?

MOXI is generally suitable for all individuals starting their skincare journey or those looking to improve their existing routine. However, individual candidacy will be determined during a comprehensive consultation with our skincare professional at Fade Aesthetics and Wellness.

Experience the Next Level of Skin Rejuvenation

We are committed to providing the latest in non-ablative laser technology, personalized care, and a comprehensive approach to skincare. Whether you’re aiming to address a specific skin concern, proactively combat the signs of aging, or enhance your overall complexion, MOXI offers a versatile and effective solution. Book your consultation today and let our experienced professionals guide you towards achieving the glowing, youthful skin you desire.